An enviroment to live in and respect 

When environmental sustainability meets ceramic production

Let’s imagine a different home, that looking at what has always existed - nature - knows how to be inspired to reinvent itself.
Imagine a home created to respect environmental preservation and the health of humankind, where environmental beauty and comfortable living conditions are perfectly combined with quality and sustainability. This is the home that we of Panaria imagine for you.

Aware that in the production sector for ceramic floor and wall coverings the environmental awareness represents a critical success factor, the Corporation has over the years expressed a real and proper green philosophy at all levels.

In Panaria everything is thought of and realised with the maximum respect for the environment: from architectural conception of the production premises, in perfect harmony with the territory, up to the careful control procedures of every work phase.

The raw materials used in the production process are constantly monitored in the end to indulge environmental standards required by law. Large productive waste are reused with a significant reduction in the use of new natural raw materials, conversely, all other production residues, are managed by separate waste collection to be reused in other industrial areas.

The production sites, highly automated and integrated, are in possession of the certificate ISO 9001 (System Quality), ISO 14001 and EMAS for the environmental management. All products undergo rigorous and accurate quality controls and every collection is classified according to the regulations ISO 13006, EN 14411 and ANSI 137.1; the majority of these possess the credits LEED and the prestigious mark ECOLABEL. The corporation is a member of the US Green Building Council, ordinary member of the Green Building Council Italia.

Product Certifications