ZER0.3 by Panaria

A new dimension in ceramics

ZER0.3 is the result of exclusive "laminated stoneware" technology which results in slabs that measure 100x300x0.3 cm, a unique format which opens a  whole new world of possibilities to architects and designers. 

Panariagroup is currently the only firm in the world with the complete technological  know-how to produce large thin ceramic slabs.
The firm operates a production line that makes porcelain stoneware slabs (measuring 1X3X0.03 meters) which is connected to the atomization area and finally to the line where the product is cut and finished. This highly advanced production line is also equipped with roto-colours, digital decoration technology, gas oven and special selection machinery. 

The competitive advantages of ZER0.3 laminated stoneware:
- resistant: ZER0.3 Plus withstands high foot traffic;
- large: a range of 7 innovative shapes of up to 3 X 1 meters, exclusive sizes which open a whole new world to architects and interior designers;
- flat: the surface area is perfectly flat;
- thin: this feature makes our slabs easy to use;
- light: this attribute makes moving the slab from place to place and laying it so much easier, the 3mm thickness of the slab means it weighs only 7,4kg/m²;
- flexible: ideal for covering curved wall areas with a range of up to 5 meters;
- easy: the material is very pliable, easy to cut and work with, whatever the thickness chosen, making the slabs ideal for use in innovative and creative projects; 
- reliable: used all over the world, it boasts many prestigious references;
- aesthetics: it is beautiful to look at wherever it is placed. ZER0.3 slabs exalt the beauty of the ceramic imbuing any ambience with innovative elegance and class;
- inexpensive: it is ideal for reconstruction projects because it can be used to cover existing materials without having to demolish or dismantle old walls, thus saving on labour costs;
- guaranteed: it has a guarantee for up to 20 years;
ecological: the manufacturing process is in keeping with all of the most strict environmental laws, uses less raw materials, water and CO2 emission energy.

ZER0.3 is available in three unique thicknesses:
- ZER0.3 (3 mm) is ultra thin and light, ideal when applied as covering;
- ZER0.3 3 PLUS (3.5 mm) is a re-enforced version with a fiberglass base which makes it all the more resistant and flexible, ideal for placement over old material without demolition.
- ZER0.3 5 PLUS (5.5 mm) innovative slabs reinforced by a fiberglass mesh on the back with outstanding technical performances and original aesthetical solutions.

Our laminated stoneware collection:
Aisthesis  is the first collection presented by Ceramica Panaria and includes our ZER0.3 porcelain stoneware line, a very popular and elegant product which is ideal when used in the construction of homes or any other type of modern architecture.  It comes in five elegant hues – white, yellow, sand, cocoa and lava grey – and can be enriched with refined and exclusive designs. 
Doghe 0.3: this collection offers a very thin wood-effect and comes in three modern colours, has warm and elegant modern graphic designs and comes in unique shapes.  
Experience 0.3 stands out for its resin-effect surface. The type of material it represents, the series of sizes and the original range of designs offer a wide assortment of customised solutions for your furniture space and give the collection a strong architectural feeling.
Urbanature 0.3: UrbaNature was created from the evolution of metropolitan style, generated from the rediscovery of basic materials that make up the urban fabric. The interplay between different surfaces such as cement, wood, metal, ceramic and majolica results in something new and wonderful with a natural and contemporary flavour.
Trilogy 0.3: 3 surfaces, 3 technologies, and 3 different ceramic interpretations all in one unique collection for cladding any space with delicate nuances of the highest quality marble. Trilogy brings together the solidity of porcelain stoneware, the lightness of thin large-format slabs, and the sophistication of inimitable ceramic decorations.

Our ZER0.3 slabs offer a whole new concept for planning interiors.  Whether you need to cover large areas or a dress a single space, the elegance, prestige and beauty of our products are ideal in any case, as well as being ecologically friendly.  Panaria has always worked to safeguard the environment and the manufacturing processes at the plant ensure that the least possible amounts of water, raw materials, gas and CO2-emitting Energy are used. 

Visit our photo gallery of Aisthesis 0.3, Doghe 0.3, Experience 0.3UrbaNature 0.3, Trilogy 0.3

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